Yoga for Recovery


Kinstugi - The Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with gold, making it stronger and more beautiful. Transforming what was broken and fragmented into what is beautiful and unified.


What is Yoga for Recovery?

Yoga means Union, or to Yoke, to bring together. Yoga brings us a felt sense of wholeness. All Yoga allows for recovery of some sort, recovering our true essential nature of wholeness and peace. However, specific practices and approaches can help provide long-term sustainable recovery and ‘ease’ from a wide range of conditions, injuries, stress and ‘dis’ ease.


With a 20 year Physiotherapy background, and an interest in Yoga Therapy, I can give you a specific home Yoga practice for physical rehabilitation.

Yoga for Addiction Recovery

Passionate about teaching Yoga for addiction and trauma, I completed certificates in Yoga for Addiction Y12sr ( and Somatic Movement Therapy for Trauma Recovery with Dr Peter Levine. I draw on inspirational work from Tommy Rosen (, and Bessel VanderKolk and other leaders in the field of Yoga for Recovery.

I teach Yoga and Meditation at The Turning Point - a 28 day live-in drug and alcohol detox program based on 12 step recovery in Brightwater, Tasman, NZ. The Turning Point’s mission it to provide a safe, comfortable environment to help people begin their recovery from addiction. Based on the 12 step recovery program, they offer a holistic program to address body, mind and soul. From my 2 year experience teaching here, I have developed my own client-centered program producing such inspiring results. Yoga and Meditation is vital for lasting, sustainable recovery. Seeing the transformation in people from all backgrounds is so inspiring. It is my passion to teach the healing and integrative power of Yoga for Recovery.

I welcome other clients and groups to contact me for specific classes/private sessions.

I also see private referrals from the Mental Health Sector, GPs and Specialists for those with stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health afflictions.

Holistic Wellness

For true healing the body, mind and spirit are treated as an integrative whole. ‘Issues live in the tissues’, and this is where true sustainable recovery lies.

Private sessions are available for holistic body work/massage. Suitable for those rehabilitating from specific injury or for relaxation. With over 20 years experience , I provide high quality body/energy healing using essential oils. Complete with a home program. Contact for bookings.


Private Yoga (one-one)- $60/hour

Private Yoga (small group) - $90/hour

Private Body Work/Massage -

1/2 hour $50

1 hour $90

90 minutes $125