“I have the very good fortune to have discovered Jeanette Ida and her Yoga Studio Kokoro in Brightwater several years ago when I was looking to return to yoga classes. I wanted to find a yoga teacher who embodied not only the physical aspects of yoga but also the emotional and spiritual aspects of true yoga practice. I was given Jeanette's name by a friend and from the first meeting, I discovered Jeanette was this an so much more. Not only is Jeanette an accomplished and skilled yoga instructor but also takes the depths of the teachings to heart and embodies them all in her practice, teaching and interaction with her students and indeed anyone else she meets.  Her warmth, compassion and inclusiveness are her treasury: always of service, generous in time and spirit and forever humble.

I feel honoured to have Jeanette as my yoga teacher, spiritual companion and friend. If you are looking for a teacher with these rare qualities in addition to the practical skills of teaching and exemplary yoga practices you will find them in Jeanette. Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned practitioner, Jeanette has the ability to meet you just where YOU are. Jeanette creates an atmosphere of equanimity and non-judgement, wherever you are on your yoga journey. 

As a beginner, I can't tell you what a relief it was to feel supported and held in my practice and allowed to go at my own pace. Each session became an opportunity to reconnect with my body, mind and spirit and for this, I am truly grateful. 

 Thank you, Jeanette, with all my heart! "

Carolina Kerridge, Richmond, Nelson.

“Wonderful to see how you live your dream and inspire others to find their path in Yoga!!!!
Stay as inspiring as you are!!!!”

Britta Burns, Germany.

“I first came to Jeanette’s Yoga 18 months ago during my recovery from a shoulder injury and I have made tremendous progress both physically and mentally. Thank you so much Jeanette - you are extremely knowledgeable, humble and passionate about your teaching. Jeanette is a one-of-a-kind type of teacher and has life-coached me from her heart for which I will be forever grateful!! I cannot recommend Jeanette and the workshops at Kokoro Studio highly enough!”

Sue Hilton, Brightwater

Having experienced dozens of yoga teachers throughout my 25 year yoga journey, I simply accepted that yoga was much more a physical practice these days, rather than a spiritual one.

From my first class with Jeanette, I realised that my yoga journey was only just beginning.

When we reach out to explore a new activity, I feel we are also reaching out to learn more about ourselves. To perhaps find a community of likeminded people or to explore what is possible through dedication and learning.

What I found in Jeanette’s class was all of the above. I have made friendships; I have shared laughter and tears and felt a sense of belonging that comes with a teacher that is not only gifted in the areas of yoga, mediation and physiotherapy, but is relatable and honest. Healing of the physical sense is something that I have also achieved over the last 18months, however it is the spiritual learning’s of the yoga philosophy that have brought me the greatest insight into this amazing practice.

Understanding the fundamentals of yoga and learning techniques to quieten the mind and find peace in a busy world has been an invaluable blessing in my life.

I can’t thank Jeanette enough for simply being her. For sharing her passion and knowledge and creating a community that is as diverse as it is inclusive. Namaste.

Sallie Gregory, Wakefield