Meditation is a natural state of awareness, presence and peace. It is the gift of our Yoga practice. Anyone and everyone can meditate. As my Kriya Yoga Guru Paramahansa Yogananda teaches, “The soul loves to Meditate” suggesting it is our natural state, accessible to everyone. However, our minds and bodies can be restless and need to be prepared to be in this relaxed state of awareness. Specific Kriya Yoga techniques are taught to relax the body, focus the mind, and achieve a clear calm state of awareness for meditation to naturally happen. This style of meditation allows everyone to touch on that place of inner peace without struggling with the mind.

One of the most influential texts of classical Yoga, Patanjali’s Yoga sutras, (c.400CE) outlines the eight limbs of Yoga. While Yoga is most commonly associated with the Asanas (physical postures), Dhyana or Meditation is considered equally important to, and ultimately the siddhi or gift of the overall practice of Yoga.

Meditation is part of all of my classes and I also offer Meditation workshops throughout the year.

Private meditation and relaxation classes can be taught for individuals, and for health and wellness in the corporate sector. These can be conducted at Kokoro Studio, or at your workplace.

Guided Relaxation - based on Yoga Nidra and neuroscience research, I teach guided relaxation to calm the nervous system. As part of my regular classes and workshops, or upon request, again privately, or for health and wellness for businesses and organisations. This is particularly valuable when managing stress and anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and to aid in the recovery of trauma and addiction.