Kokoro Studio

I teach Hatha Yoga in a very accessible form of Vinyasa Krama.This is flowing, fluid movement is linked to the breath.I also teaches Kriya Yoga (through meditation techniques).

Linking the breath to the body allows a natural meditative state to emerge. This naturally reduces stress, anxiety, lowers blood pressure and heart rate, calms the body and the mind.

Yoga is embodied connection to Kokoro, to Spirit. At this deeper level, it is important to have an insight into the philosophy of Yoga. I incorporate these teachings into the practice, as this allows for a deeper transformation and growth not only on the yoga mat, but in daily life, which is the true test of the practice.

I like to weave the philosophy of this rich practice into the classes as it gives a deeper more long lasting understanding of Yoga and its ability to bring peace and happiness to your life.

More than ever, I believe that we need a practice like this to help cope with today's busy lifestyle.