From my 20 year love of Yoga, Kokoro Studio was born. Kokoro in Japanese means Spirit, Heart, Mind. The heart, not only the physical but the essence of the heart, as the centre of life, connecting mind, and connecting to Spirit.

My Japanese/Canadian heritage connects me to Kokoro. Ever present, ever lasting, ever pure heart and spirit consciousness. For me, this also is Yoga. After converting our garage space at home, Kokoro Studio opened to Yoga classes on May 10, 2016.

My background as a Physiotherapist gives me a strong background in therapeutic movement, and injury recovery. Through the practice of Yoga, a holistic approach to the body, heart, mind and soul is able to be supported.

As the great Yogi Krishnamacharya said “If you can breathe, you can practice Yoga.” I believe Yoga is for everyone, and that teaching people to find their own practice that benefits them is the key to making it ‘their Yoga’, and hence safe, effective and personal.  The physical Yoga I teach is based on Krishnamacharya’s Vinyasa Krama teachings where body flows with breath, forming a seamless practice naturally leading to meditation.

Apart from the qualifications below, I have also completed Meditation Teacher Training through Ananda NZ, based on the teachings of my guru Paramhansa Yogananda. I teach a range of Yoga classes including: Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga and Meditation. My qualifications include: IYTA Dip Yoga Teacher Training (IYTA) BSc. (Hons) Physiotherapy 1994 Dip Manual Therapy/PostGrad Dip Acupuncture, Post Grad Studies in Physiotherapy for Woman’s Health.

Using Yoga for Addiction and Recovery is also a special interest of mine.  Having completed Nikki Myers Level 1 course Yoga12StepRecovery, I am passionate about the role Yoga has to play in recovery from addictions.  I am privileged to teach Yoga at The Turning Point Centre for Addiction Recovery in Brightwater.  www.theturningpoint.co.nz.

Studio Timetable

Timetable for Yoga Classes at Kokoro Studio, 5 Simmonds Road, Brightwater.


Take advantage of our carpool incentive and get a FREE class for one person after every six carpool rides.

Ferretti Growers

My husband and I own and operate a Certified Organic Market Garden. You can find us at Wai-iti River Farm, Brightwarer, Nelson. We are third generation growers and grow quality fresh organic produce. 

Seasonal Veg are for sale at our farm immediately after Yoga classes, as availability permits. Check out the market truck after class to see what is available. 

Or you can find us at the following markets:

  • Nelson Saturday Market, Montgomery Square, 7am – 1pm Saturdays.
  • Nelson Farmers Market, Morrison Square, 10am – 3:30 pm Wednesdays.

Check out Facebook Ferretti Growers.