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Practice “Sun Salutations”¬†with this short guided yoga practice. Great to get the body moving and energised. 5 mins 35 secs.


Practice ‘Letting Go’ (Aparigrahya – non-attachment) with this short “Relaxation – Let Go” in Shavasana, Corpse Pose (lying on your back), warm and comfortable. 7 mins 42 secs.


Relaxation – 22 Body part relaxation. From Shavasana, Corpse Pose, lying on your back, warm and comfortable) enjoy this twenty two body part relaxation, called Maranasanum Kriya. Brings body to a deep state of relaxation and rest. Recorded May 2017, 10 mins 41 secs

Relaxation – Yoga Nidra – Chakras. A Yoga Nidra practice with Chakra Awareness to enable deep relaxation and healing rest. Recorded May 2017, 25 mins 21 secs

Meditation – Day is Done. A review of the day meditation, best used at night before bed as a way to let go of the day and rest. Recorded May 2017, 13 mins 41 secs


Meditation – Expanding Light. Expand your awareness with the use of light and the third eye focus. Recorded May 2017, 13 mins 18 secs


Meditation – Reduce Tension & Cultivate Peace. Cultivate the qualities of inner peace and freedom. Recorded May 2017, 15 mins 46 secs